How do I clean my Kind Mat?

You can clean your Kind Mat with simple soap and water. Use a clean cloth or damp sponge to lightly scrub the mat, and then wipe clean with water. Let the mat lie flat to dry before rolling it back up. Because of the neoprene top layer, your Kind Mat will dry much more quickly than standard porous mats – often in just a few minutes.
We recommend you not leave the mat in direct sunlight for drying. Never put your mat in a washing machine or dryer.

I just received my mat, and it has a strong scent. Will this go away?

Like any other neoprene or memory foam product, this mat has an initial scent that will fade over time with use. After removing the mat from the packaging, unroll it to expose it to fresh air for a few days to allow the scent to dissipate. You can also wipe the mat surface with soap and water, rinse with water, and then let the mat lie flat to dry.
We recommend you not leave the mat in direct sunlight for drying.

I sweat a lot. Do I need to use a yoga towel on my Kind Mat?

The top of each Kind Mat is made of a textured neoprene that is water resistant. This helps to stabilize your hands and feet in postures such as downward facing dog, even with light to medium perspiration.
If you are using the mat for hot yoga classes and heavily perspire, you may feel the need to use a yoga towel on top of the mat for additional absorbency of sweaty hands and feet.

Which side of the mat do I use?

The top of the Kind Mat is a black textured surface to stabilize your hands and feet. There is a label in the lower right corner of the mat, and you can ensure it is right-side up by checking that the tag is showing (the back side has space to write your name). The bottom layer is a smooth, gray surface that is made of a non-skid EVA material that stabilizes your mat, preventing slipping and sliding on yoga studio floors.

The ends of my mat are curling up. How can I flatten it out?

If you store the mat rolled up for long periods of time (especially in cold weather), the ends will curl for a short period of time after unrolling. To alleviate the curling, roll each end of the mat in the opposite direction of the curl and hold for 30–60 seconds. Then lay the mat out flat on the floor, and the memory foam will release and relax down.
If you store the mat rolled up for a long period of time, you will want to unroll the mat and let it lie flat for a while before your yoga practice.

What types of yoga are suitable to practice on the Kind Mat?

The Kind Mat is suitable for all types of yoga including vinyasa flow, power, hot yoga, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, yin, gentle, pre/post natal Yoga, Dayton Method hot yoga, and many others.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love your mat, or if you experience any problems, we offer a refund or exchange. If you want to return your mat for a full refund within 6 months of purchase, please fill out the form on the Contact Us page of this website, along with the reason for return. We will promptly provide you with a return request number and the return mailing address.

What’s the difference between the Kind Mat and Kind Mat Bliss?

The Kind Mat Bliss is almost an inch thick, and it comes in two sizes (24×68 and 25×76) to cater to taller yogis, injured yogis, athletes who need extra cushion because of joint pain, and pre-natal yoginis. It is also perfect for Pilates mat classes.
The original Kind Mat is a half-inch thick and has a quarter-inch layer of memory foam and comes in two sizes (24×68 and 26×70). This mat rolls up to be more compact and is easier to transport outside of the home to yoga studios.
Anyone who’s seeking extra support and cushion in their yoga mat will benefit from either of Vernice Vita’s premium yoga mat models.