The only three-layer yoga mat
cushioned with memory foam.

Shoulder Stand on Yoga Mat

Kindness begins
with you.

When I first began my yoga practice fifteen years ago, I stared with a traditional mat. I became dedicated to improving both my physical and mental strengthen through yoga, but I had pain in my practice using an average mat. I needed a mat that would support, stabilize and comfort me in my practice, so I invented The KIND Mat.

Kindness is in the layers

The Kind Mat from Vernice Vita holds a U.S. Patent for its unique triple-layer design. We combine performance and stability to ensure the best yoga experience possible.

TOP LAYER — Textured neoprene is water-resistant, helping to stabilize your hands and feet in postures such as downward facing dog pose.

MIDDLE LAYER — Memory foam aids in balance while providing comfort to your practice. You’ll still feel the surface and stability of the floor, but with a supportive layer that relieves pressure points (knees, elbows, hip bones, etc.) and encourages a more satisfying yoga practice. If you’re a yogi who consistently suffers from pain during your practice you’ll feel an immediate difference with The Kind Mat.

BOTTOM LAYER — A non-skid EVA material that stabilizes your mat, preventing slipping and sliding on slick studio floors.

Three Layer Mat Diagram

Turn your savasAna into savasanahhhhh!

Savasana on Kind Mat
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No Slipping

Textured surface stabilizes your body and keeps you from slipping.

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Relieves Pain

Luxurious memory foam relieves pressure points in all yoga postures. Helps alleviate pain from tendinitis, carpal tunnel, and other knee, back, hip, and joint injuries

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100% money back guarantee

If you don’t absolutely love your mat or if you experience any problems, we’ll refund or exchange it.

“It’s like practicing on a cloud—a cushy, luxurious, supportive, stabilizing, amazing cloud.”

Rolled Up Kind Mat

Care and cleaning

Your Kind Mat can easily be cleaned with simple soap and water. Use a clean cloth or damp sponge to lightly scrub the mat, and then wipe clean with water. Let the mat lie flat to dry before rolling it back up. Because of the neoprene top layer, your Kind Mat will dry much more quickly than standard porous mats – often in just a few minutes.

We recommend you not leave the mat in direct sunlight for drying. Never put your mat in a washing machine or dryer.

Feet Sinking into Kind Mat

More uses

There’s more than one way to be kind, here are a few additional uses for the Kind Mat:

Pilates Mat: The Kind Mat’s thickness makes it ideal for Pilates at home or in the studio.

Meditation Mat: Find peace on your mat. The Kind Mat is soft, yet firm, making it the perfect base for daily meditation practice.

Camping Mat
: Bring your Kind Mat camping or backpacking to use as a compact sleeping pad.

Restorative Mat: Rest with intention on your Kind Mat after an invigorating workout.

Stretching/General Workout Mat
: Workout and stretch in complete comfort at home or on the go.

Physical Therapy Mat: Need a healing place to do reps of physical therapy exercises? Look no further!