Kind Mat Bliss

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Whether your practice is all about dynamic flowing movement or gentle stretching, this spacious and luxurious yoga mat will forever transform your practice into a pain-free state of bliss.

Almost a full inch thick, The Kind Mat Bliss (formerly known as the Cadillac Mat) is made with 3 layers of kindness. The bottom layer is a non-skid EVA material that stabilizes your mat and prevents slipping and sliding on studio floors. The middle layer is 1/2″ of luxurious, high-density memory foam cushioning, which provides superior support and comfort to your practice. The top layer is a textured, water resistant neoprene designed to stabilize your hands and feet.

  • Hypoallergenic and 100% latex free.
  • Quick and easy to clean.
  • Suitable for all types of yoga, including vinyasa flow, power, Bikram, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, yin, gentle, hatha, pre/post natal, restorative, and many more.
  • Extremely durable design provides exceptional wear and longevity.
  • Luxurious memory foam comfort – available in no other yoga mat! – relieves pressure points and pain in joints.
  • Slip-resistant neoprene top layer absorbs sweat and keeps you safe. It’s great for hot yoga and/or a vigorous practice.
  • Skid-proof EVA material stabilizes the bottom of your mat to prevent slipping and sliding on slick studio floors.
  • 100% money back guarantee.

Your Kind Mat can easily be cleaned with simple soap and water. Use a clean cloth or damp sponge to lightly scrub the mat, and then wipe clean with water. Let the mat lie flat to dry before rolling it back up. Because of the neoprene top layer, your Kind Mat will dry much more quickly than standard porous mats – often in just a few minutes.

We recommend you not leave the mat in direct sunlight for drying. Never put your mat in a washing machine or dryer.


"Not all mats are created equal. You won’t know how absolutely amazing the Kind Mat is until you practice on it"

Brian Call,

Life is hard enough at times; your yoga mat doesn’t need to be. To help find the ease in each pose, the Kind Mat by Vernice Vita has created a luxury mat that’s the Tempur-Pedic™ mattress of Yoga Land.

The innovative memory foam found in the Kind Mat, has eliminated discomfort in any posture, allowing me to teach and practice with greater connection and flow. It is as if I'm practicing on a cloud.

Christine Bullock, Fitness Expert & Model